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Critter Cottage

Please note:  Vicky's Pet Connection is currently in the process of closing.  After many wonderful years of operation in the West Michigan Area, we simply feel it is time to step aside and "hand over the baton" to some of the other dedicated shelters and rescues that are now working in our area.  We are profoundly grateful to the many volunteers, adopters and donors that have made our work possible.  


What It Is

Open to the public and run entirely by volunteers, the Critter Cottage is the adoption/outreach facility for Vicky's Pet Connection. The Critter Cottage carries a unique selection of supplies and gifts for pets and pet lovers as well as providing a welcoming venue for pet adoptions and special events.  Purchases made at the Critter Cottage help support the mission of Vicky's Pet Connection.


Where It Is


How It Works 

The main room of the Critter Cottage houses a great selection of pet supplies and gifts for pet lovers.  The store is run by volunteers and purchases made here benefit the mission of Vicky's Pet Connection.

The Critter Cottage also has two cat rooms, which are each home to 4-5 cats available for adoption. Each room has a cat tree to be used for playing, scratching, or sleeping.  A cat's goal in the VPC program is to be able to come to the Critter Cottage until a forever home can be found. The public is invited to come in and visit with the cats during regular business.  Because we are trying to find homes for our cats, potential adopters will be given priority for visiting and, of couse, children must always be accompanied by an adult.  Please note that ALL cats are not housed at the Critter Cottage.  If you would like to know which cats are currently staying with us, please call ahead. 

Dog adoptions take place at the Critter Cottage by special appointment after a dog application has been approved or during special adoption events only.   If you have an appointment to meet one of our dogs, you will be able to visit with them in a private dog adoption room at the Critter Cottage.  The quiet atmosphere there will give you a chance to meet and get to know a dog before bringing him or her home.