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Manitou has grown into a handsome looking fellow. Here's what his family has to say about how he's doing.

The fuzz ball that we adopted in September ’06 has grown into a handsome dog. Manitou is a smart, loving, laid back dog who’s developed into quite a “Mama’s Boy”! I can’t go anywhere with out him. He has such a great personality and has since he was a puppy - we were spoiled by how easy of a puppy he was!

His favorite pastime involves going to the neighborhood dog park and playing with his doggie friends, many that he’s played with since 5 months old. And quite a few of his dog park friends are Vicky’s Pet Connection successes! His other favorite thing about the dog park, other than his doggie friends, are jumping up on the tables and giving kisses to the humans. He is the most affectionate dog!!

He has two kitty sisters whose attention and affection he’s always trying gain. His one sister tolerates him for a lick or two across the head, the other runs from him every time she sees him!

Manitou has been such a great addition to our home and we owe many thanks to Vicky’s Pet Connection.