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Sadie was adopted the beginning of May '07. She has adjusted to life in her forever home. Here's what her new family has to say about her.

Sadie, is everything we could ask for in a family member. House broken, loves kids, but thinks she is a guard dog. Enjoys going for her scheduled walks, learned what a dogie play toy is. She can sit, shake hands ( both hands ), lay down, come, fetch, and we are working on stay. She is a fast learner, knows what her toys are, which chair in the living room is hers and where her safe place is.( her bed is ) .

For lack of a better term, "She is too good to be true". Thanks to VPC for saving Sadie, and thanks to her foster parents for helping to her get adjusted. Sadie's original name was Honey, but we didn't think it would go over too big when my wife and Sadie were out side and my wife would yell, "Honey get over here."