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Thank you for your love of animals and interest in volunteering for Vicky’s Pet Connection.  Because we are a small organization without a public facility, shelter or paid staff to supervise volunteers, our volunteer opportunities are somewhat limited.   We do, however, like to keep volunteer applications on file for those times when volunteer opportunities arise.  Please feel free to fill out the following application and we will be in touch with you if we have an opportunity that matches your interests.  We do ask that all volunteers be at least 21 years of age.  Thank you!

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What skills, knowledge or experience do you have that you believe may be of special benefit to us?
How many hours per week/month are you able to volunteer?
What hours, days, times of the year are you available to volunteer?
If you are interested in fostering animals, please include the name and phone number of your veterinarian as well as the names of all your current pets so that we can confirm that they are up to date on their vaccinations. We will also be confirming that all your current pets are spayed/neutered since this is required if you will be fostering.
If you are interested in fostering, do you have a fenced yard? Can you give us an idea of what height/type fence?
If you are interested in fostering dogs, please tell us how many people live in your home and what their ages are. If you do not have children living with you but routinely have them visit (grandchildren, neighbors etc), please let us know that.
If you are interested in fostering dogs, please give us an idea of your household's daily schedule.
If you are interested in fostering dogs, we may want a volunteer to stop by your home just to get an idea of how your home is set up for dogs and to see whether our we might be able to give you any advice for small modifications (securing a gap in a fence etc) that might make your fostering experience more enjoyable. Are you comfortable with a home visit?
If you are interested in fostering a dog, can you give us an idea of your past dog experience? Have you ever trained a puppy? Have you ever attended any kind of dog training classes?
Tell us a little bit about yourself!

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