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Sadie Rose

I was browsing your web page and found the "success stories" page and I thought I would e-mail you about the dog that we adopted from you on March 30, 2001.

Her name is Sadie Rose, and we think she is a mix of collie and husky. She has beautifully soft fur, and she is a big puffball sweetheart! We got her partly as company for our dog Kallie, and also because we just fell in love with her. Kallie and Sadie became inseparable. They were the best of friends. Kallie was seven years older and died this past summer, so Sadie has been a little lonely, but she seems to like all the extra attention that she get from us.

She is unusually attuned to emotions, and can be counted on to bump her nose into our side or give us a kiss if we are having a bad day. We have had more than one person comment on what a gorgeous dog she is -- that is, if she doesn't have her spotted tongue hanging out the side of her mouth!