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Alli has been loving life in her new home. Here's what she has been up to.

Alli, my sweet German Shepherd, came home to Traverse City in July 2007 and quickly adjusted to her new family. When I picked her up from Vicki she was only 15 pounds and last week at 10 months of age she weighed 70 pounds and is still growing -which is a good thing because her best friend and playmate is a 160 pound Newfoundland!

Her personality is so sweet, gentle and intelligent that I am considering some volunteer work with her. Once she finishes the next obedience class, which is Super Advanced (her fourth and final class) she has the opportunity to become AKC Good Citizen Certified. Alli will have to pass the test and then we have access to different parts of the community such as nursing homes so I can share her with people who may need some cheering up.

Alli's favorite things are chewing on bones, swimming, going to work and school, her family, walks, playing catch and tennis balls. She is going to learn to run once the snow melts which should help to use up some of that extra energy!

Alli has changed my life in such a positive way and I have learned a great deal over the last 8 months. Training her has taught me so much, both about the nature of dogs and myself. Alli and I are both very thankful to Vicki and Amanda for all of their helpful information while we got to know each other. Thanks to them, we are looking forward to sharing many more years together - she is a very, very loved dog!