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Zeus and Chika

Both Zeus (the dog) and Chika (the cat) were adopted from VPC. Zeus went to his forever home almost five years ago and Chika in late '07. Both are doing well. Here's what their family has to say about them.

Chika is doing great. She has blended in with the rest of our group,easily. We did set her up in a private area and used a child's gate to keep her in. She didn't try and jump it. It gave her a chance to see what and who everyone one was, with being in a safe area. The first night we closed her in with the door closed for peace. By the next morning, she had figured how to go under the door. She got to be friends with the dogs, that first day and they started guiding her around different areas, to keep her out of trouble.

Our other cat, took a couple more days to get settled down and her with him. On day three, the two of them were playing together on a cat tree/house we have. Every morning she enjoys watching the birds threw the window and chattering at them. She is learning the rules of where she can and can't go.

Zeus so gentle with Chika, she can do anything to him. All of you do good work there and I want to thank-you because I know when I do get a pet from you they have had good care and a lot of love from the staff.