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Penny was adopted in March '07. She's doing well with her new family and even had time to send us a photo and email. Here's what she has to say.

I used to be Hazel but am now Penny or Penny Lyn if I am being naughty. I love my new family. Attached is a picture from a Halloween. I even got dog treats!!! I love my girls so much that I don't mind being dressed up. In fact, when they get out the dress up tub I stick my nose in until they put something on me. I also have 2 feline siblings - we get along great. I was adopted in March and hardly remember my old life. Its easy to forget when I have so many great memories now. My family takes me camping, boating (I even have my own life jacket), to visit my canine cousins, and to soccer games. Thank You Vicky's for saving my life and finding me a forever home!!