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Wally was adopted the beginning of October '07. Here's what his new family has to say about what he has been up to.

I’m home, I’m home, I’m home! And I have a big cat brother, and I have a big human brother, and I have a big human sister!!! And my mom and dad say I’m “just the cutest thing”.

I have new toys, and toys that belonged to my big brother and his sister when they were teeny kittens. This one I climb all over, and hide in it to pounce on Bucket. He hasn’t figured that out yet….I’m stealth.

Oh, and one last thing, Miss Nancy, I’m not Jango any more. My mom said I am just exactly the color of one of her favorite things in the world; a “Wallabee Darn” so that is what she has named me. She started calling me that when I was giving her lots of kisses on her nose and cheeks, to tell her how happy I was that we found each other, and she told me I was sweet enough to eat. Most of the time though, I get called Wally and I think I really like it.

Thanks for everything you did for me!!!! Tell Miss Vicky and everyone else that I’m HOME!!!!!