Gryphon was adopted in September of '06. His family sent us pictures and an update as he celebrated his first birthday. You can see a puppy picture of Gryphon here so see how much he has changed. This is what he has been up to:

Just thought I would send along a few pics of Gryphon on his 1st birthday and let you know how he is doing.

Well that little 10-12 pounder that we brought home last Sept. is now a 65 pound, gorgeous animal. He is such a sweetheart and just loves everyone and everything. The biggest problem that we have with him is that he wants to make friends with everyone, whether they want him to or not...though most want to. Since the day we brought him home we have had people stop us and tell us what a beautiful dog he is. Small children who are often afraid of dogs, especially large ones, walk right up to us when we are out walking, asking if they might pet him.

He is healthy, smart, quiet, gentle and patient. He house trained really easily and hasn't had an accident in the house or in his crate since he was three months old...and that was usually because he would get the grass and the carpet a bit mixed up -- luckily we only have one carpet. He just graduated to adult dog food (Hill's Science Diet, of course) when we bought the last 40 lb. bag a couple of weeks ago. He gets no people food at all, which means that he isn't sitting around begging or snatching food. He has great good infact that even Nyla bones don't last nearly as long as they would with a lesser dog. He is quite the catcher though most balls don't last long either. Tug of war is one of his favourite games, though all you have to do is say 'release' and he lets go.

His biggest dissapointment is that the cat (who lives mostly upstairs) won't make friends with him. And he so wants to play with her. She just loves to taunt him. She waits until she hears his crate door close a night and then struts around the main floor like she owned the place. They have gotten nose to nose a couple of times, and suprisingly she didn't swat him like I thought she might. I believe that she understands on some level that he won't hurt her, she just can't trust him because she doesn't trust most other beings, including most people.