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Maddie was adopted in June '07. In her new home she's learning lots of things and even took some time to send us an email and photos. Here's what she has to say about her new life.

Hi to all my friends at Vicki’s Pet Connection, You remember me as Shiloh but I have a new name now. My new name is Madeline but I’m called Maddie. I’ve been in my new home now for a whole week and I am really happy. I get lots of good stuff to eat and I get to sleep wherever I want to. Sometimes I sleep in my own bed as you see me here.

I also have lots and lots of toys, in fact so many I’m not sure what to play with first or last. I am so happy! I also have a big brother named Sebie.

At first he wasn’t sure he liked me, but now we play together. He does get a little upset with me when I bite his tail when he is resting. I just can’t help it because he has such a pretty tail. I’m learning fast what the word” NO” means. Next week I have to go see Dr. McBride for a shot. I’m not sure I’ll like that a whole lot.

I just want to say “Thanks” for taking care of me until I found my new home. I know I’ll always be loved here!