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Maize and Blue

Thought I would send you an update on how Maize and Blue (AKA Rusty and Amos) are doing. They are loving their new home. Thanks to all the great advice from Nancy, introducing them to our 15 year old dog went off without a single bark or hiss. They have even been known to all snuggle together on the couch. I must tell you they have the BEST manners. They must have been very well trained in their foster home. Just a few weeks on do's and don'ts and they pretty much have it all figured out. They get to spend the day in a very large laundry room on the main floor of the house. They have 2 huge windows over looking 4 bird feeders and gardens. Lots of shelves and things to jump up and down on and of course toys. When we are all home together they love exploring the house and sitting in any of the bank of windows that we have on both levels of the house. They are very spoiled with beds and toys and scratching posts everywhere. My parents bought them a kitty condothat they just think is the best thing ever.