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You may remember me as “Connor,” but my mama and daddy renamed me “Wilbur” because of my curly tail and my tendency to snort like the pig in Charlotte’s Web. I was adopted on June 10, 2006 and by June 12th, I was able to ‘sit’ on command. My mama and daddy were so surprised with how quickly I learn! The many tricks I now know include: sit, stay, lie down, shake, come, hold hands, hug, roll over, turn around, dry off, bow, crawl and I even play dead if you make shooting noises. I also like to play ‘hide and seek,’ go for walks and my favorite thing to do is have family cuddle time on the bed. I’m also naturally good; I only chew on my toys, I never bark or steal things and I’m always full of kisses to hand out. I’m also very good with the little kids in my family. I often go to my grandma and grandpa’s house so I can run and play in their fenced-in back yard. When I’m there, I like to play with my ball and chew on sticks. I can even play a mean game of fetch. I also like to dig and dig in their super cool sandbox. Pretty soon, I’m going to have my very own back yard where I can run and play every day. I have lots of friends, too! I visit my other dog relatives quite often (mostly Golden Retrievers) as well as my two best friends who are Pugs. This year has been a very exciting one, for me as well as for my mama and daddy. My parents often say that they are so lucky to have me, but I think I’m the lucky one.

Thank you for helping me find my family.

Dictated by: Wilbur

Written by: Eric and Whitney, Wilbur's parents