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Rufus was adopted the end of February '07. His new parents Lisa and Mark are thrilled with their new addition. Lisa sent the following in regards to how Rufus has been adjusting to his new home.

He is an awesome kitty! He has adjusted so much better (and more quickly!) than any of us imagined. He seemed quite comfortable and relaxed with Mark and me right from the start so after a couple days we went ahead and started introductions to our other pets. That has gone very smoothly! We have really been amazed. He loved our two dogs right from the start--gave them nose kisses and started twining around them and head butting them upon first meeting them! He must have been around dogs at some point in his life. The dogs have been great with him--even our younger energetic one is no problem. There were just a couple hisses on the part of our other two cats when first meeting him (Clancy was a true gentleman in response) but they have quickly become friends and our male cat, Nantucket, especially loves him. He enjoys exploring around our house but we are still keeping a separate room for him since he seems to like to come out, explore and hang out with the other pets, then after a couple hours he'll go to the door of "his" room and meow to go in where he'll usually chill out and take a nap. :) I think it's good for him to have his own "safe" space until he is completely adjusted and used to us. The boy is definitely a jumper and I can totally picture him hanging out in the rafters of the basement when he was first rescued. ;) He has jumped up on top of the cabinets in our kitchen a couple times, bookcases, shelves, and basically likes to go as high as possible. ;) Mark has cleared off a couple of shelves for him so he has some high spaces that are just for him to hang out on and he loves that. We'll often find him napping on a shelf.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update. Oh--we have changed Clancy's name to Rufus. :) We are crazy in love with the boy--such a sweet, sweet cat! We're very grateful for the work you all do and for rescuing our sweet kitty. :)