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Abbott and Cunningham

Abbott and Cunningham were adopted in January 2007. They've been doing well in their new home and have even learned to type!! Here's what they had to say...

We just wanted to send a photo and tell you how well we're doing since we were adopted last month. Our names used to be Bo and Cesar, but now we're Cunningham and Abbott (that's me on the left kissing my big brother). It was love at first sight when we first met at my mom's house. Our really big brother Denny took a few days to get used to us, and he still likes me best, but I know he's warming up to Cunningham. We just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such good care of us and adopting us out to our mom. We love our forever home and our mom thinks we are the best kitties ever! Love, Abbott and Cunningham

P.S. Our mom helped us type this.