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Posh was adopted almost two and a half years ago. Here's how she's doing in the words of her mom...

I adopted Posh from Vicky's at Petsmart on my birthday, September 11, 2004. I was at Petsmart the night before, stopping to say hi to the cats, as usual. Some nice ladies from Vicky's were there and convinced me to come back in the morning and adopt "Cody". She was only 8 weeks old and is the cutest kitten I've ever had! She is still relatively small and has a permanent kitten face, so she will always be my birthday kitten. Her new name is Posh, to go with her brother cat Beckham (named after soccer player David Beckham and his wife/singer "Posh Spice"). She enjoys playing fetch with mouse toys, singing to herself, and getting tummy rubs. She has always gotten along well with Beckham, though he likes to play rough. She also gets along with our new kitten, Marijke. We love our Poshie!