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Noah was adopted the beginning of December. His new family drove a few hours one way in order to meet and pick him up!

Here's what they have to say about Noah:

Just wanted you to know that our trip to Michigan to bring him home was more than worth it.. It also gave us some time for him to adjust and meet us. We talked to him and let him jump back and forth between my husband and me.. we stopped a couple of times just to let him out and stretch and potty.. and he quickly got over being frightened and afraid of us.

Noah has found his bed to be quite comfortable with our youngest son.. and he knows when bedtime is!

Noah is a very smart puppy. He is very energetic and he has learned to come and sit on command. His "potty traning" is coming along. We have learned one thing though! Little Noah definitely does not like cold weather! He is learning to get along with other pets in the neighborhood as well as other dogs that are in the family.

Noah has definitely become a member of our family.. We love him here and he has found his "forever loving" home! Noah is a bright spot in what would otherwise be some very dull days..

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the honor of adopting this wonderful addtion to our family..