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Also known as Buster "Brown", this little guy was adopted the end of November. Here's what his new family has to say about him:

He is still getting used to his new surroundings and is roaming the house checking out every inch. Buster is doing extremely well on his potty training and learning his manners. He can sit, lay down and go in his house on command (well, with a little treat incentive).

Buster is an only child and also an only grand-child. His grand parents and great grand parents from Chicago are so excited to meet him. Buster doesn't know it yet, but there are lots of presents under the Christmas tree waiting for him. All of the neighbors have stopped by the house to meet Buster and they all say the same thing, "what a cutie".

We laugh when he is taking his early evening nap @ 7:00 p.m. and just say to ourselves that "a storm is brewing"; because when he wakes up from his nap he is just a ball of fury though the house and ready to play.