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Nash's new family sent the following update from him: Hello – So I have been in my new home for two weeks now and I am adapting to things much better now. I am starting not to miss my siblings as much and all the attention and play time we had with each other. Mom tries to make up for it the best that she can but sometimes I know I wear her out with my energy in the evenings. We go for walks every night and she even has started taking me with her on her runs. Let me tell you that first time was fun but I have to admit I finally just stopped and fell flat out on my belly and said enough lets just walk the rest of the way. There is a school just down the block and we go there often to play with the other neighbor dogs but it has this one hill and sometimes I get going so fast that I cant stop and I fall all over myself. Mom is always laughing at me when I do that so I know she must think I am cute dispite my not so good puppy behavior those first few days. This past weekend we went to the cidar mill and I got to go on a hayride and had all kinds of attention from the kids there (even the adults just loved me). It was a fun day and on the car ride home I just callapsed for a long nap. I start puppy school next weekend and will have 11 other puppies in the class with me. Eric will be going with us to the classes too so he can be involved with my learning – he is pretty great and sometimes he stays with me in the mornings while Mom is at work so that I don’t have to spend the entire day all by myself. Mom comes home and spends her lunch hour with me but the days Eric can hang out with me in the mornings… is even better. Well that is about it for now – take a look at the latest pictures of me. I love being outside and playing in the back yard. Mom lets me have a little more freedom out there then in the house so I usually play pretty hard and then of course have to stop to rest up. If you hear from my brothers and sisters be sure they know that I am being loved to bits and pieces and I hope they are just as lucky as I am. With love, Nash